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With much excitement and love I present to you Brujita School.  This platform has been 2 year in the making.  Brujita School has been a labor of love and patience and I believe it was going to be in divine timing when I was going to be able to fully launch it and commit to teaching. 

Now more than ever the collective is ready to embrace our God given gifts (Don), intuition and the unseen mystical and spiritual world.  

believe this world has always been part of our DNA, our culture and was meant to coexist with our humanly life here on earth.  Through colonization, society taking the path of greed, ego and following the herd we deprogrammed this beautiful and sacred part of ourselves.

I am honored to provide a safe space for all that feel welcome to dive into this mystical world. 

I was blessed to be born with many unique gifts.  From being and energy healer, mediumship, soul seer to my most recent discovery of traveling through the quantum field and working with divine beings of light.   I still to this moment don't completely understand my gifts.  However I do know I am here to serve. 

Thank you for stopping by.  Whether you are called to only take one class or all 9 course I am ready to SERVE!

Much Love, 

Cindy Canek 

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