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Spiritual Alchemist, Soul healer, Soul Activator has been my mission of assisting souls to transmute and transcend trauma to start to live in their purpose. 


Through various modalities and my intuitive gift I have discovered not only my passion by also what I believe is my mission of bringing souls back to there essence and their light. 


I use my “Don” as a soul reader, soul seer and energy reader to dive deep into to unseen of the 3D.  


Through my spiritual development I have now discovered my natural ability to heal in the quantum field.  Working with divine beings, ascended masters and the celestial realms which makes for one of kind experience and results are life changing  


Aside from aiding souls I am a natural “teacher” and “mentor” helping all with the calling to serve to find their unique gift. 


Guide by spirit I am an open vessel for the light.  Serving for the highest good for all that are called to work with me. 

I believe in the power of authentic connection to awaken your essence and promote healing for self-mastery.  My mission is to hold and mirror back how amazingly beautiful and powerful you are!

May my Soul Serve Yours!

Cindy Canek
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