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It is Time to Blossom

This was just one of the themes that was prevalent in the retreat in France. I have some what of a fear of my own light,my power, my greatness. I had a few conversations with some close friends about this subject this weekend. It's almost like coming out and being afraid what will people think? Are they going to think why are you "trying" to be so happy and positive now? Why are you trying to be so kind? My truth is that I am not this naive girl just skipping and thinking wow I live in Candy Land. I am The first one to put out my ugliness front and center. What I do feel at heart is that little by little my soul is getting exhausted in trying to be everything else but authentic and I am ready to try my very best to be happy and shine my light and spread what ever love and kindness I could. We are to quick to judge and to create separation between us. By allowing ourself to be powerful we invite the people around us to be the same. I have been very fortunate to have a great group of friends where we just are what we are. And the lovely thing about this is that little by little only those type of human beings are entering my life. I just met 7 fabulous woman in France that I didn't really know. Guess what? We connected it was pure authenticity at its finest. We all shine brightly in our own way with out any one trying to dull our sparkle. It is time that we just say fuck it and let our hair down, dance, smile, laugh, love, and be silly because we are a miracle. We have been put on this earth for our divine purpose and everyday we waste by being small is a day less of what you have to offer. It's time blossom!

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