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Delta Symbol = Change

It has been a while since I wrote and in all honesty, their has been a lot of going on. It has been a wild and fast 2017. I started from not knowing how my year was going to pan out to now here. Here..days away from selling the house and finally moving away from it all. It feels like the final chapter left from the story once called Ramon and Cindy. As much as I have healed and grown from all the CHANGE that has occurred in the last few years of my life, there is still a bit of emotional residue left behind. This decision was inevitable, it was going to happen sooner or later. After all the back and forth it didn't surprise me. Deep down I felt this was the right decision for ME. I wasn't as easy as it sounds. Anxiety, fear, sleepless nights, and many tears later to able to say out loud " I am ready to move." The history, the memories, the fact that this house was a standing landmark of all our hard work, sacrifices, and dreams. The sheer fact that we were home owners at the ages of 28 and 30 was a great accomplishment on its own let alone in our dream neighborhood. All this is now just a story, a story of a past that now seems so distant. My soul is ready to continue to move forward and leave the story as just a story and nothing more. So you might wonder what have I been up to these first 4 months of 2017? Well I have been up to A LOT. I started the year with one intention to be OPEN. Open to whatever experiences came about. I didnt want to to fill my mind with expectations, resolutions and even desires. I just wanted to be present. live day by day and let life come to me and as life came to get inspired by the beauty of just being and let that be my fuel for what ever creativty or desires came through. Little did I know that I would be here now. Almost half way through the year and going through yet anothe life CHANGING experience. The great part, yes I said GREAT part is that through it all I have manage to some how be ok. I meant ok in the sense that I am TRUSTING . Trusting Gods work. Trustig that this is the best decision for ME. I say for me because it is time that I am HAPPY, That I am in love with the life I am creating. In turn the boys will reap the benifits. They will be happy and hopefully one day inspired by my fearlessness to live life. No just exsist. This year so far I could say has been the year of self discovery, self love and self mastery. All of my SELF lessons have been brought to me by this little thing called CHANGE. The one thing I know for sure is that Change is constant. Change is happening every moment of our lifes. My life has changed dramatically and it continues to change. As I move forward with yet another mayor life changing milestone to move into a new home I have decide to CHANGE as well. Change how I process Change lol This is where the self discory, self love and self master come into play. I DECIDED TO CHANGE! Change... My worry into trust My negative self talk into SELF COMPASSION. My hopeless tears into EMPOWERING actions. My limitted imagination of how life should be into AMAZING POSSIBILITIES of how my life will be. Change has made me change. Much Love, The Mommy Goddess

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