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Circle Of Life

Updated: Oct 2, 2021

Today SPIRIT had another plan for me.....

It has been an interesting and intense week. I am coming to become more and more aware that I am a HYBRID human. Working half time in the 5D dimension and half time in my human avatar.

This week started off to a blast off feeling focused and ready to tackle the Magical Bitch orders.

Then I meet with Abby and Wendy and whoa!!! A simple casual lunch turned out to be a 5 hour reunion with a walking light being. It was like we known each other from who knows where. We finished each others sentence. The conversation ran DEEP 5D deep it was like we where both speaking an ancient language.

It turned out to be a mutual channeling vortex of magic. I saw deep into her soul (will share later) so deep I ended weeping of the information spirit allow me to see and she gave me important messages that I needed to see.

I am still processing this encounter and will share later as we have another pending meeting. This reunion with Abby deserves its own space and will make to share our Magic together.

As the week progressed I kept on being pulled back into the 5D. I am still extremely unaware of how much I do work in that space. As mid week hit I found my inbox with yet another person saying I saw you in my dream.

I then realize I had been so much on the other side that my body was physically tired.

Apparently I have been working over time in the underworld. So much so that Thursday evening my guy friend calls me to casually tell me about his young nephew practically having severe mental health issues. He said “its like he becomes possessed” He said his sister being extremely catholic even called the church because the recent episode after he calmed down he asked his mom "why do you have these scratches”. I immediately was pulled deep into his soul and spirit showed me he has an entity attached to him since he was born and now that his light is starting to diminish (due to severe horror movie watching and growing up too fast) the entity is quickly moving in. After just tapping into this energy I had to get up sage my home and not only did I finish a whole bundle but that shit popped and threw away the Palo Salo that was next to it on the tray to the flor.

I cleared my home and myself really good and got up the next day. Friday well if you where on my IGLIVE I decide to go private on IG for a while and also cut off a lot of other “SPIRITUAL” workers out as I am opening my eyes to so much greed, jealousy and as strong as I am I don’t have time to be dodging that energy when I have other deeper work to literally DIVE into.

Which bring me to today...

Like I said SPIRIT had another plan for me. I was expecting a few of you to pick up your orders and for some reason before anything I called Celia. She has been going through a huge transitions in her life and one of them has been the deteriorating health of her dog Bronson. She and various ladies have gone to her house to help her dig a hole in the last few days.

I called her at 8am and she was already on the move. I could hear her breathing hard and she said “ I am still digging the whole I am almost done”.

So I attended to a pick up and head out to see her and help her. As I walked in Bronson was pretty active. He has been suffering from a spinal injury for about a month and has been unable to use his back legs and his health was getting worst by the day.

It is like he knew... He passed by dragging his bottom as we dugged.

Celia was nervously waiting for the vet to confirm the appointment. She was expecting him later in the evening but he called and said we are on our way. I didn’t plan on staying long, however once I knew that of course I asked Celia if she wanted me to leave and she said “No”.

I knew then that once again I was going to assist a soul pass on ( I have done this 2 other times)

Holding space for such a sacred and intensely charged moment definitely takes a whole different energy of PRESENCE.

Energetically gently connecting to Celia’s energy without being overpowering.

Every moment till the vet arrived was one of deep presence.

Once he arrived she went straight into work and the minutes of holding space for her, Vinz and Bronson was an extreme honor to witness death and also life all at once.

Both Celia and I felt when the light being came down and even the birds when crazy singing.

I guess we don’t realize how powerful death can be until you are witnessing the hash beauty. To see both Celia and Vinz embrace in pain and then to see the light and knowing and feeling Bronson running and I did not mentioned this to Celia but I heard him say to me when I was sitting with Vinz in the living room minutes later “ all dogs do go to HEAVEN”

I guess I am in awe of my week to be so present and seeing and helping SOULS to LIVE and then seeing DEATH. I am realizing more and more that this GIFT is still beyond my comprehension. Being a HYBIRD human. Working both here and there.

Life is not a circle of life it is infinite

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