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11 11 Waking Up

No wonder 11 11 is feeling powerful not only is it a symbolic number but we are entering into a new moon. Tomorrow will be a great day to meditate and journal upon what we want not from A superficial stand point but from the soul. How to do we merge the physical life and ambitions (the crayzyness of day to day)with the balance of being present, grateful and at peace. Sometimes the physical ambitions are what we become and they take over our life. We get so consumed that we forget what it feels like to be at peace. We forget what joy feels. We get caught up in making a living. We begin to belief that this is what real life is about. Chasing the next big thing, our problems and our worries. We become with out even knowing sleepwalkers. We forget how to stop. We forget to smile. We forget to make eye contact with our childern. We forget to breath. I belief that we could have it ALL. We could have a healthy ambition for improving ourselves and wanting a better life style. We could be wealthy financially and be wealthy in kindness and respect towards others. We could have the perfect harmony of selfishness and selflessness. 11 11 for me personally symbolizes many things. New beginnings, transformation, oneness, freedom, believing in myself, owning my power but the one thing that I hope has the biggest impact on me is freeing myself, freeing myself from the believes systems that we have created so that we could fit in. freeing myself from judgement, freeing myself in all forms. Merging my human life with my souls purpose and most importantly slowy Waking up (yes capital W). I no longer want to sleepwalk. ✨✨✨

Much Love The Mommy Goddess 💖💖💖

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