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Dont Be so Spiritual your forget to be Human dont be so Human you forget to be Spiritual

In the tapestry of my work as a spiritual healer, I've had the privilege of witnessing remarkable stories of transformation. It's a journey where my clients, like brilliant stars in the night sky, navigate the delicate balance between their human experiences and their spiritual selves, crafting their reality into something beautiful and powerful.

One of the profound lessons I've learned along the way is encapsulated in the quote, "Don't be so spiritual, you forget to be human. Don't be so human, you forget to be spiritual." This insight has woven its wisdom through the very fabric of my practice, serving as a guiding light for both me and those who seek my guidance.

It's a reminder that we are not just flesh and blood; we are spiritual souls on an incredible journey of growth and awakening. My clients, often arriving with hearts heavy from the weight of their past traumas, embark on a voyage towards a life that is profoundly beautiful, powerful, and filled with passion. This path beckons them to delve deep into the depths of their humanity, to heal the wounds that have left scars on their souls.

Their journey as humans is marked by trials, where they face pain and growth, and confront the struggles that have shaped their existence. But within these challenges, they also discover the potential for boundless joy, profound connections, and the sweet taste of accomplishment. They are driven by an unwavering passion to manifest their dreams and live life to the fullest, embracing the tangible aspects of their earthly existence.

Yet, as their guide, I remind them to tread this path with grace, ensuring that their dedication to the material realm does not obscure the light of their spiritual essence. For it's in the synergy of both worlds that they find the true power of their journey.

In the sanctuary of my practice, I've met souls who have forgotten the transformative magic of spirituality amidst their earthly struggles. They journey through the labyrinth of their human experiences, oblivious to the guiding light within. It's a heartening moment when their spiritual awakening begins, as they start to connect with their higher selves and tap into the boundless source of their inner strength.

On the other end of the spectrum, there are those who soar high into the spiritual ethers, leaving the grounding realities of their humanity behind. Their focus on the ethereal and the unseen sometimes leaves them detached from the tangible aspects that define our daily lives. Guiding them back to Earth and showing them the beauty of their human existence is a journey of its own.

My sacred mission as a spiritual healer is to help my clients strike that exquisite balance. I guide them as they harmoniously integrate their human and spiritual dimensions, crafting a tapestry that propels them toward success, fulfillment, and inner peace. It's a journey where they learn to dance gracefully between both worlds.

And in this delicate fusion of their human and spiritual aspects, they uncover the true richness of their life's journey. They evolve from trauma, stepping into a reality that is profoundly beautiful and powerful, becoming not just earthly beings but spiritual souls in harmony with their higher selves. The stories I witness in my work are a testament to the transformative power of finding balance, embracing both sides of our existence, and awakening to the symphony of life.


Cindy Canek

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