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✨ Holiday SPIRIT ✨

What a week.... Had the opportunity to stay home for a week for Christmas and to be completely honest this holiday season I was not feeling it. Or maybe I was?! I wasn't stressed out about shopping or buying extravagant gifts to impress anyone. I was very calm and mostly excited to spend time with friends and family. It was perfect. On Christmas Eve we had our traditional party awaiting for the King to be born. We got all dress up the house smelled of Tamales and as my family and friends (Jenn Ray loved that you joined us this year) slowly made their way to my home it just felt warmer and joyous. We celebrated with lively music, food, super fun games and of course a cocktail or 2. The boys seemed to be happy and most importantly at peace. Of course they tried to stay up to get a glimpse of Santa but the active day had them out cold. The next day we had a very intimate and lovely morning with their dad. We opened gifts and you know what happens next.... Yes the never ending and some times chaotic moments of setting up the gaming systems, the "help me with my Legos", the damn toys that they packed with 10 million ties (lol) and the excitements of playing with their new toys all while I barely had my morning coffee and maybe 5 hours of sleep. This too was different this year the boys didn't seem to be consumed by the idea of the more is more mentality we sometimes could experience when we don't get all the gifts we asked for. They got what they asked for, which was not much, and they where super happy. They played for a while and next thing you know they where at the neighbors house hanging out and this is how the Chinatown Christmas Day dinner came about. Which ended up being a great evening. More memories where made.

The next day I got a visit from my BFF and her family and spend some "unplanned" time together. The feeling of knowing that the people that have been to my home and that they feel like it theirs too. That they don't need to call ahead and they will always will be welcomed. This in it self I am proud of because this is the type of intimate connections I have longed for and for some reason was not part of my life in the past until now.

We ended our week with this spontaneous trip to the middle of nowhere for many but for us it was a lovely day. We drove 2 hours away from the city and took in the scenery. We sang and talked the whole way (if you must know the boys love Maroon 5). "Sugar Yes, please… “ It was very refreshing. Once we arrived the boys where taken away by the charm of the The Bottle Tree Ranch. They weaved in and out the junk yard looking place. They ran and giggle. They very much appreciated the the beauty and oddness of this place. Seeing my boys being present and knowing that they are not too jaded by the day to day life that we live full of technology made my day. Seeing them take in nature, the experience of the road trip and the natural adventurous spirit that kids have (we adults forget) of not knowing what the day will bring was the highlight of the week. So maybe this is what the holidays are about. Family, friends, showing my boys that life is meant to be lived, experience, to seize the moment, to make connections, and to make memories. This I am proud of. This is the type of life I want for my boys. I want them to remember that we are never alone and that life is better when you share it with those who matter and love.

P.S. Check out the cool photos under "Life in Picture" on of our trip.

Seize The Moment!

The Mommy Goddess

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