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Days Like These.....

Quote By Rumi

Another day…where should I begin? I started with an overwhelming feeling of melancholy. The concept of starting my new life could sometimes be exciting, free and full of hope. And then again there are days like today where I can’t even explain why I feel the way I feel. No exact reason. I just feel a little dimmer, pensive, wondrous. Of course my seeker self goes on overdrive. Why, why am I feeling this way? It’s almost like a little reminder that deep hurt and wounds don’t just go away over night. Even thought I have done a lot of work to keep on moving forward knowing that everything happens for a reason and that over all I have a lot to be grateful there is always that little residue left over that has not completely been clear. (and who knows if it really ever leaves you) I picture it like a badge that your soul gains, another layer, another level that it transcends to. Not because of how “How bad” the experience was but the transformation the soul must endure and what it does to us. What it has done to me. Days like these make me aware of how much I have been thru and how blessed I am to have my loving friends and family by my side. Day like these remind me to focus on what is real, what is true. Days like these ground me and make me focus intentionally on what matters the most in my life. My boys, my family and my career. Days like these remind me to LOVE HARDER to BE KINDER to give more of what is making me melancholy . It some how replenishes my heart to consciously GIVE. Days like these remind me the beauty of pain. That pain doesn’t have to be labeled as a “bad” thing but that it could become to most powerful catalyst to transform your soul, it takes your soul to the next level. There is a beauty in pain. Their is something fascinating about human beings that have endured very painful experiences. They are deep, they are interesting, they are full of wisdom. Many people could go to ivy league colleges and gain intellectual wisdom but the school of life teaches you thru life experiences. The wisdom of the school of life is like no other. It is beautifully custom to your soul. Days like these I remind myself that God has a unique and exquisite lesson plan for my soul. Days like these I am grateful to be able to use my freedom of speech and share my deepest thoughts. Days like these my soul grows.

Night Night

The Mommy Goddess

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