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Happy New Year- Year of the Goddess

Happy New Year Goddesses!!!!! I love it when this happens when you instantly attract your inner knowing/thoughts. Yesterday I had an intimate New Year's Eve with a fellow single mother/co-worker/goddess. We where having amazing conversation so much so that the night flew by. One of the conversations was about how much I have changed this year and I was telling her what I felt that I wanted this year for myself. I feel that I don't have to have the new year to start my new life in fact I have already started living the life I want/ that feels right for me. I started to say yes to adventure, to family, to friends, I am slowly coming out of the fog and starting to feel present again. Present in my boys life and in general I am smiling again. Anyways when I saw this post it was absolutely perfect. This is what The Mommy Goddess is about for us to remember that we are powerful, magical, we are the heart beat of the world and for us to become who we are meant to be. We must always follow our happiness that little voice that tell us "go for a run today, go out and have coffee with a girlfriend, or simply take a nap". We in those moment are loving ourselves. Do you remember who you are? I know I have forgotten. 3 boys and a very demanding life pretty much killed me. It did I brought me to my knees my first depression episode in 2012. I now know that it was my soul crying out for help. It wanted me to remember who I was. Those of you that personally know me know that I love my boys but was never meant to be a stay at home mom. I enjoyed it and felt very bless to have that opportunity but my soul had its own agenda. This is why I started The Mommy Goddess. I want you guys to join me in this journey that I have started. The journey of the awaking of the Goddess with in us. We are love, we are joy, we are smart, we are sexy, we are powerful. The journey of following our souls purpose.

To an amazing year Goddess 💖💖💖

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