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Feeling the LOVE

My heart is happy! Had a wonderful weekend with my boys and family. In my "Cindy" fashion (raw) it was the first Mother's Day after the divorce that I felt present. I can't explain what the difference was, but maybe it's the mere fact that day by day I shed another layer of the pain.

Woke up being showered with love from my boys, family, and friends. I haven’t felt this much love and sincerity in a long time. Again I had a thick layer of pain not letting the love in. I might not have received fancy gifts, but I received all the messages and love pouring from my love ones. Hearing “You are a great mom, a lovely person, Thank you for opening the door to your home, and you are a true goddess” Today I cry but not because I was in pain but because of love. Thank you, everyone, for taking the time to make my day beautiful.

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