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I am craving BALANCE. Balance is unique to each of us. After physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually being tested to the degree of being broken into a million pieces and enduring one of the HARDEST growth periods of my life I am now in search of my "new normal". Balance to me is more than the decisions that we make on a day to day basis. “should I work out vs. staying home” The Balance that I speak of is on a SOUL level. How I chose to see life and how I chose to react to any given situation. Am I allowing of Spirit to run thru me and how much am I allowing my incisive thinking to compromise my Balance.

I believe that on a global level we are ALL craving the Balance that I speak of. This year more than any year I feel has been HARSH, full of tragedies and pain as a reminder of how we have allowed being externally influenced by the media. On the same token, I also see the rise of more and more light beings with the missions to spread light, love, and hope.

It is time to come back to myself, to create my inner peace and stand strong in the middle of the storm called life. Building a foundation where I know I will allow life challenges to go thru me and trust that all will be ok.

The simplicity of just living life, trying my best at any given moment and being present. It seems so simple, but I believe it is something that we cultivate little by little by having a commitment to ourselves, TRUSTING and KNOWING that we deserve an AMAZING life. If we could just TRUST the bigger plan that no human brain could imagine. When a painful situation arises knowing that there is something better coming our way. It doesn't mean that we don't feel the pain. Feel it don’t dwell on it and know that life has a way of replacing all pain with growth and happiness.

All that being said I hadn't written a blog in a while because I been adjusting to my new normal. I had a rough July where I was shaken and after a massive growth period. I feel it take me a little while for all systems to adjust. I since have SOOOOOO many positive experiences come my way. It was a bit scary not having “material” to write about. Since all of my material was focused on my divorce and healing thru that experience. I have again crossed another threshold and am aware that no pain and suffering is in vain, rather it is the doorway to our Soul’s mission. It is the doorway to the God within us.

I am not willing to produce just for the sake of producing. It has to be real, and it has to be relevant to what I am going thru in my life. That was the lesson of my divorce coming back to myself. Authenticity. Now that I have shed many layers of pain and living in that space for a long time my Soul is CRAVING BALANCE. I have been given a blank canvas to paint a new masterpiece. Am ready and willing to explore this new part of my life. To create my new Balance.

Have you been CRAVING BALANCE? It's time to come back home and create the inner peace that will attract from within. At that point, we will realize that we don’t have the NEED to search for peace and God externally. All we need to do is surrender our Soul’s Journey.

Much Love,

The Mommy Goddess

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