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MyWhy The Los Angeles Women's March 2018

Updated: Apr 9, 2019

Why are you going to the Women’s March?

It may seem like a very normal question to ask right? Well it was follow by a very interesting comment. “You are only going to post pictures on your Instagram”

Wow right? Well not really I did not offended me at all. It did not offend me for many reasons one because I know my intentions, I know who I am and how I chose

This remark gave me a super charge refocus and reminder of my WHY.

Before I tell you my WHY I have to tell you a story. A story of the power of compassion, empathy and forgiveness.

A few years ago when I was smack in the middle of my darkness and depression I was also finding my way back into the workforce after many years of staying home with my boys. My workplace was my sanctuary, my only sense of normal. The only place where I didnt feel broken.

Because work provided me the feeling of feeling useful and it gave me the mental escape I rapidly created a position for myself which soon landed me in management. What you also have to know is that I was in a lot of pain. I protected myself with a tough facet and it was very hard for me to connect with the team. I was misunderstood in my intentions because I did not show one ounce of vulnerability. I was just trying to survive.

This created for a very intense period with a few of the team members. It was a very tough time for me. All the misunderstandings and the judgements finally hit a climax and we all had a heart to heart. We put it all on the table. We walked out after having a very emotional and tense conversation with just that. Nothing really resolve.

I felt so defeated and at the same time I knew my intentions and had no energy to fight back or try to defend myself. Some how deep down I knew time and God would take care of it as I had nothing to defend myself from. I just needed to slowly start showing who I really was

As time and life circumstance would have it a Miracle occured. Yes I call this a miracle.

Compassion, empathy and forgiveness restored all my relationships with the beautiful women I work with. We could have chosen to not dig deep and keep it superficial but we all understood the bigger picture. We all chose to see who we really are.

One relationship in particular I would say has been divinely orchestrated. As I was walking out into the light after so much transition, one of the beautiful ladies was going through her darkness. We were not super close so I didn't want to force myself onto her just because we now had something to resonate with. So I gently and slowly made space for her to come and go as she felt ready to share. It was a slow process but my only intention was to be present and listen. I knew how important it was to talk, talk and talk some more during my darkness and I wholeheartedly wanted to be there for her.

As time passed our relationship has organically grown and discovered that we have so much in common and have shared so many deep and powerful conversations. Conversations that are not easily had with everyone.

So when this lovely women mention going to the Women’s March, (I wasn't planning on going because my son had a soccer game) my WHY showed up in this beautiful gesture.

How could a relationship go from utter pain and conflict to love and support because I been living my WHY. Because we chose compassion, we chose love and we chose forgiveness.

My WHY has been creating a space for other women to heal.

We both healed!

I wanted to march with her as as symbol and celebration of the power we have as women to support and love each other.

How when women unite with the sole intention to show up in love and radiate joy to each other we could change and in turn touch the people around us.

It begins with us! Self love and true happiness is an inside job and when we are in practice of HAPPINESS and LOVE above all we slowly infuse our surroundings.

So “Why are you going to the Women’s March?”

I knew without a doubt that I am here to serve. I am here to share, to inspire, to connect, to heal, to share my passion for life, to hopefully give a space for other human beings, especially women, to be fearlessly themselves.

“Marching on the side of Truth which is also the side of LOVE.

Even when and especially when, it may feel hard to”

Much Love & Joy,

Cindy Canek The Mommy Goddess

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