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Be A Magical Bitch

What do I mean by being a Magical Bitch!...

Owning your POWER Embracing your Magic

Honoring your intuition

Being unapologetically YOU!









So FUCKEN deeply soulful that it is ok that you scare people. Not because it is actually scary but because they have not experienced so much genuine MAGIC and LOVE in their life that they don't believe humans like us exist. Scary because they know it will be eminent that their life will change just by being in our presence. Yes we have that power to change others by merely owning our Soul's magic. By doing so we energetically give them the permission to do the same!

Get so STRONG in owning your mysterious power that no one will make you doubt it! Know that projections and insecurity of people inadequacy WILL come at you with a force to attack and suck your magic away. BUT just with the simple awareness we use our magic to alchemize their darkness and fear into light and LOVE. BE A MAGICAL BITCH!

Do you feel it?! Yes that POWER of being fearlessly you!

It is the end of self doubt

It is the end of fear

It is the end of keeping yourself small

It is the end of self sabotage

It is the END!!!!!

I challange you to be unapologetically a MAGICAL BITCH!

Yes a BITCH..with no fucks to be given!


From one Magical Bitch to another las AMO Diosas!

Cindy Canek- The Mommy Goddess

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