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I Owe It To Myself

Updated: Apr 9, 2019

It is interesting how life has a way of showing you through contrast, discomfort and pain what you don’t want in your life. What is not aligned with your Soul’s path. I recently have been on a parallel journey of ascension and continue awakening and one of a human experience crumbling away. The portal has swung wide open and the flood of energy has sucked me in and wrapped me in a cocoon of light. I feel the tug a war of my spiritual knowing and the human body and mind. My light says “it is time” (lion king reference) and my human mind wants to distract with earthly drama to somehow justify why we need to feel discomfort by personalizing the issue we have with other human beings and stay stuck.

I am feeling so much! The symptoms of my ascension have been intense. Headaches, head colds, vertigo, huge releasing spell of crying and protecting my energy by having minimal human interaction as much as I can without affecting my job and boys. On the human level I been experiencing a shake up with a relationship and the very human pain of lost and letting go is all consuming.

Then I realize that all this is part of the contrast that I MUST experience to fully and wholeheartedly embrace and step into my path. God/The Universe makes no MISTAKES. Mistakes are a sheer human concept full of fear and a way for society and our ego to keep us small. The Universe only provides experiences to get us closer to SOURCE and to LOVE. NO matter what road you take you will ARRIVE! It is up to us how we chose to walk in our Souls Journey.

I had to experience both the lost of the form of a relationship and my ascension process both at the same time because I became aware that I am changing vibrationally in such fast speed that I couldn’t nurture or heal the relationship to meet me where I was heading to. The vibrational gap was so big that I had to let it go and let a new form to be recreated or let the gap widen to the point where to energy dies. When you are vibrationally moving so fast you have to let go, let go hard and let God do the healing for the other party. Either they will start to rise and heal to eventually meet you at the same frequency or they will stay at their comfort zone. Then the mantra came! I OWE TO MYSELF

I owe it to myself to let go of anything that doesn’t serve my Soul’s purpose, I owe it to myself to be rawfully honest with, I owe to myself to embrace every single cell in my being, I owe it myself to wholeheartedly forgive, I Owe it to myself to see through divine eyes, I owe it to myself to fully express my gifts, I owe to myself to step into my power, I owe it to myself unapologetically own my goddess being, I owe it myself to listen to my soul’s calling…. That is what I came into this world for. I owe it to myself to step into MYSELF, My God self !

Much Love The Mommy Goddess

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