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Scorpio New Moon Energy Report

How are you feeling now that we navigated a rough wave during Libra season?

It was not your typical Libra season. We just went through one of the biggest energetic shift this year.

As we collectively start to awaken to MANY realities, coming into our power being one of the most profound realities currently happening in our planets existence. This Libra season was one of a kind.

Knowing what we now know... we can not pretend to not know, we can not pretend to still live in the past reality of whatever programs we once believed. Libra season was not your typical passive calm energy. This Libra season in combination with 6 planets being in retrograde and all the cosmic energy to add to it was the season of KARMA.

This Libra season has been one of the most active Libra season I personally can remember. We where all experiencing KARMA in our own reality. Some of us had necessary tower moments thing where revealed, some of us where tested to see if we had learned our spiritual lessons, some of us had to come to terms that we had grown and that meant choosing a different lifestyle. So much Karma has been balance and cleared which brings us to Scorpio season!

Traditionally Scorpio feels like literal death, this Scorpio new moon bring us a HUGE opportunity to work with the Scorpio positive aspects. Yes I said Scorpio has positive aspects.

Scorpio is a deep sign, it has the ability to know what it wants, how it wants it and when it wants it. It is truly (along with Aries) a Diva. So ask yourself what do you want?

The new moon has brought us the right amount of momentum to say that's it! Scorpio being deep and dramatic. The energy right now can feel intense. Depending on where you are in your healing process it can be taking you on a wild joy ride or you can be the one finally calling the shots!

Allow yourself to feel yourself! to be like scorpio and be the DIVA of your life.

Not being afraid to take on your power, your deepest desire, to say "thank you next", take up space, to want what you want...

It is accompanied by eclipse season starting on 11/19 in Taurus,,, Be ready for this one, again if you are aware and been doing your work this can be powerful time to work with Taurus hard working and organizing skills to start to set a foundation for your 3D desires.

I see a lot of people wanting to buy property, start new business ventures, deep cleaning and purging and some of you will be force into making thing happen if you don't do it willingly.

The final few weeks of the years are a fast track to revelation of your true SELF if you work with the energy. If you have been doing the work I will not feel as intense, if you have been avoiding it you will be force to face your truth.

Yes this new moon give us a different sense of self and let me tell you I am feeling it!

I feeling the last few weeks of the year as an opportunity to end with an BANG and not be afraid to manifest your new reality in your new YOU energy.

I am claiming what the universe has for me!

Happy Scorpio Season

Much Love,


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