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The wisdom of LOVE

Hola mis Amores!

I wanted to share a few of my past thoughts on LOVE.

Love has been a great teacher for me in my life and has still continued to teach my soul many lessons.

Each phase that passes by it comes with more and more wisdom and healing.

As we speak today LOVE is becoming a way of being in this magnificent mundo (world).

In my 3D do I crave a connection ? A partner to share Love with? Absolutely however as I dive deeper and deeper in this world ( the curandera, the servant, the medicine woman) it’s been brought to my attention (by spirit, my guides) that this is not the time for me. At least not the way I have the capacity to visualize it.

Yesterday as I was driving through the desert I received a lot of downloads.

It was a compilation of emotions, thoughts and Integration of my SOUL.

One of the thoughts that always comes through in random moments it comes in a from of a conversation…

I start to feel emotional almost like I want to cry and I ask Spirit “why why is love hard?”

I get a wave of thought and random pictures in my head of all the men that I have been with and how I have healed them. The thoughts are more like a deep knowing. Like Spirit is trying to show me “the mission” it then feels not emotional and out of body experience where he showing me in a detach way you see this is what was supposed to happen.

I then release the sadness and I hear a deeper voice The voice transmute into a deep feeling. A feeling that goes back in forth into a voice and my mind gets lost in this knowing. I see all kinds of thoughts flowing so rapidly.

“ am I paying karma this lifetime?, did I do something horrible in a past lifetime that this lifetime I must serve?”

then I feel this odd loneliness but it doesn’t feel sad it feels right. He makes me feel so special. “ one day you will understand that you are a SPECIAL one and in that path you must walk alone, those with greatness destined to walk alone“

“it’s a lonely path the one of a medicine woman”

“love is not to be found in a partner but your servitude“

”These humans are learning about TRUE love and you already know how to love. That is why you have been chosen To serve With the purity of your heart. You have been given the power to forgive without tainting your soul.”

“One day the medicine woman will have a partner that Allows and understand she came to share her love with everyone. The medicine woman doesn’t need to find love. Love is her super power!“

Yes!, took a minute to come back because the above was channeled and these are now thought onLOVE For 2022.

Below I will label the years so you can see the progression of the WISDOM of Love

2/14/2021-During my trip to Miami

As humans we are conditioned and program with the story....

Grow up, find love, get married have kids and then you will be happy.

Key words FIND love

This story is the root of much pain.

My reality NOW (well because I did all

Of the above) is....

I fell in love with myself, I fell in love with life, I fall in love with souls, and life then falls into place.

Stop searching for love!

When you fall in love with life. Life loves you back. The manifestation of this is the beautiful things, people and experience it will give you.

So Instead of wishing happy Valentine’s Day I want to wish you happy love life day!!!!!

Muah 💋

PS a special moment of gratitude for the beautiful souls that love me as hard as I do! I love you so much! 💗

And bruja magic kiss to all the VIB ✨

2/14/2021- After a year of as a full time service as a healer!




It has recently come to my awareness the truth of UNIVERSAL LOVE 🤍✨. This is the truth of love! Love has been for many thousands of years thrown around as a romantic concept. Universal Love is infinite and powerful! This is the love that Jesus Christ share as he walk this earth. This is the Love that will heal and transformed this humanity. The feeling of this love is indescribable! So magical so kind, transformative. I recently used this law for a distant healing and I can not believe the effects it brought to my life. Universal Love Law works with the intention to heal and bring divine health for every human being on earth. It is removing your own personal wants and brokenness from the situation to heal at a soul level. It is selfless 💕



Am starting to use this energy more and more in my sessions because they are soooo power to bring this seed of universal knowledge into the Souls that come to see me.



Most people that come have severe trauma that has been metastasized in all their bodies. This concept dissolve and start a beautiful healing effect. Universal Love is powerful and all it requires is that de todo corazón y alma (with all you heart and soul ) you want everyone in the situation involve to transcend the karma created. You see we build contracts with every soul we will encounter as we walk this plane. We want to evolve in every lesson (like super Mario brothers game levels) and we can stay in our humanness and feel so much pain and stay in the hamster wheel of trauma or you can break all contracts y de corazón use Universal Love. It is radical forgiveness! Sending the other person this love because all you want is for both to be heal. Don’t stay in wanting KARMA to do it a thing, or “he or she will get his” NO let Love heal both. God will take care of the rest. He will decide if Karma needs to be balance or all is dissolved. This is one of the most beautiful lessons Jesus Christ came here to show us. .


I love ALL of you soooo much 💕🙏🏼✨😘

2/14/2020- After my first relationship breakup after my divorce. I felt sad but strong because I gave myself an opportunity to love again.

There is hope! ❤️



I felt this strong urge to share a few words on what is happening in my life at the moment when it comes to love. .

This post is for all that feel sad, broken, unworthy, hopeless when it comes to love ❤️. (Tearing up as I write)there is hope!



For those who known me long enough know that I been in love. That I had a beautiful family where I was very much In love with baby daddy and all that we created together. That after that I trusted again and shared my heart again with a man that taught me what it was to feel alive after my brokenness. Every experience has made my heart stronger and stronger (hence the tattoo I have on my chest “Lotus Heart) @gratefulartist Every experience uncovered yet another aspect of who I am and what I am becoming.


The anxiety of wanting a relationship fades and it turns into passion for life and in my cases for healing other souls. I now realize why God Has given me the ability to love hard and unconditionally it is because I am meant to hold space for many many people.


Life has change so much for me that my focus has become of service and love for others.


I now understand why at this moment I am not suppose to be in a relationship. Because I have to be free to share so much of me on a deeper level with the people I connect with.


I also know that because of how deep I am and how much I have heal I can no longer lie to myself and entertain relationships that are not meeting me at my soul level (meaning with men). I also know I will require a very very deep and connected man to be by my side because of what I do.


Doing what I love has healed my heart 🙏🏼✨. My valentine are my boys and my work the love for my gift to heal.


There is hope! Heal your heart! Embrace your essence, find your passion and know that is where you will meet your soul partner. We can no longer go in search for love without having love and appreciation for ourselves and the gift of being alive.


You guys are my valentines LOS AMO un chingo 💋❤️


From hopeless romantic to hopeful romantic ❤️


@l.a.momma capturing the magic ✨

Hope these words found your soul 💋

Cindy Canek

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