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This has been my theme in 2015..... FEARLESSNESS. We could associate fear being afraid of the dark, highs, and spiders. The type of fear I speak of is the one that is deep seeded in our subcounsious. We are not aware of it. We mask it with excuses and we are great about creating a wondefully creative story on why we are not doing what Feels right. Yes capital "F" its is that feeling in our heart but we dont have faith that we are being divinely guided to make the BOLD step into making the FEARLESS decison of following our heart. Not making that decision in my case has created a looooong 2 years full of lots of dark moments. I made up an Oscar worthy script for why I needed to save my family. I truly believe the story I created I told myself all in the name of fear. Fear of being alone, fear of not knowing what my life would look like after being taken care financially, fear of the pain the I thought my boys would go thru, fear of being a single mother, fear of not knowing how I would make a new life for myself. I went down kicking and screaming (lots of times) only for fear to come back even stronger and editing my script so that I didnt have to feel the pain that came with accepting a major life change. My freinds and family that where closely in my life during the last 2 years know to well what I am talking about. I knew deep very deep down that this was my Souls journey. I was so afraid I somehow bypass my truth. I ask myself maybe I could of taken the 1st sign 2 years ago and not go thru what I went thru but then again I wouldnt be here being able to share my new found FEARLESSNESS. Am not saying that I am this BADASS FEARLESS woman and I am completely free of fear. What I know for sure is that I am learning to be trusting of my divine journey and that one of my themes in life time will be being fearless. I am being tested everyday. Quick example yesterday's decision to close down my "married" FB Profile is still being haunted by fear. Some of my thoughts that have gone thru my head are; All my beautiful pictures, I already have a great community of FB freinds that I love, I dont want to let that go, will I be able to make sure that the word gets out so that they could friend me on my new page.... Well it goes on and on but my gut told me it is going to be ok it will be even more amazing ( even if I dont completely believe that ) but I just know it in my heart that this is my rebirth and so I took this BOLD decision with my FEARLESS BADASS cape on.

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