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Be Still...

Be Still and Know…

Be Still and Know…

The dust has settled, my Soul has been called to Be Still, Be Still and breath, Be still in gratitude, be Still and listen to what is coming next.

I sit here is utter gratitude for the many blessings this year has brought to me so far. I started the year hard and fast. Completely immersing myself into a whole new world. It is like God wanted me to establish and meet new kind and gentle souls for my new life. I was taken away by Salsa. Who knew this hobby of mine would bring so much joy, so much love and so much amazing people into my life. I have been going a million miles per minute, and now I am being called to be Still.

Still to take it all in…. After many years of transition, depression and change the dust is settling, and God is asking me to sit and take in my new life, the new people and a new set of eyes he has given me.

Not going to lie I was a bit crazy at the beginning of the year going balls to the wall with the Salsa and going out almost every night of the week. Lord knows how I survived doing that, having a full-time job and attending to my boys but I needed to experience it. Not only did I take in this new hobby in the midst of all this I had to make a life-changing decision. It took me many months, and many nights of anxiety (thankfully balanced out by dancing the stress away) We made the decision to sell our home of 10 years.

After all that here I am sitting Still and taking it ALL in. I feel like God wants me to take a rest, and see the big picture. To see that he has gifted me all these new friends, hobbies and mindset so that I could consciously start this new life of mine. New in every sense! New home, New Friends, New way of seeing my life.

I am 47 days away from moving, and all of a sudden is like I came to a screeching halt and all I want to do is rest. I want to visualize, daydream, create and allow God to give me direction. It is like I am revving up and charging for the many blessings that are to come. I am becoming ready, ready for whatever I am supposed to do.

My old life is now just a distant memory, and I am happy to say I have no remorse, no hate or no ill feelings. Its weird but I feel free from “All that was done to me” I feel FREE, I feel like I now know what true forgiveness and love is. I have chosen to truly embrace all the lessons life has given me so far and turned them into wisdom, turn them into LOVE.

I am Being Still and listening to you GOD.

The Mommy Goddess

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