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Protect Your Magic

I had a huge aha moment this past Saturday when I went to the Super Mamas event. As many of you guys know I been on my Soul Vacation. I been in protecting and harnessing energy mode in preparation for #mujerllena with @lettherebeluz. I have been very intentional about who I have been sharing energy with. That Saturday I walked into the Super Mamas event by myself, and as spirit would have it, my soul tribe was there. Yesenia, Amara, Yvette, and Claire. Yesenia waved me into my protective circle. I tend to be more of a social butterfly, but this time I felt like I wanted to stay with my soul family. To the point that my intuition guided us to the "backstage area" the side of the park where the guest speaker had their waiting area. We stayed at the sidelines sort of speak, but I felt safe, protected and most importantly like spirit was going to have me collide with who I needed to share energy with, without me having to worry to be "on". I genuinely felt at peace, and didn't feel the need to network or "work the room."

I wasn't worried about missing networking opportunities. I knew in my soul that I had been divinely guided up to that point. That I had the safe space of my lovely ladies and that the rest would come. Even down to my outfit I was wearing hat and sunglasses. I was protecting my 7th chakra and my eyes from having direct eye contact with other souls. I was still able to share and give, but it was on my terms.

Today I realize that I have unconsciously not been sharing my face on social media when I am on "recharge mode". It' has become crucial that I listen to my intuition and recharge and protect my energy source. It is not a negative thing as it is much an act of self-preservation. Especially for us empaths and intuitive. We don't always have to be on healing mode "ON." As a woman that loves to love, I am learning how beautiful and powerful it is to harness my magic and listen to my soul's voice. It's my soul that guides me when I need to show up and share my magic.

I have been learning so much about energy exchange and the power of staying TRUE to my life's purpose. It is so easy to get caught up in the hype of the new "SPIRITUAL TREND." and ego wanting us to do more and more. Spirit blocked me and depleted me so that I was able to dive deep back into my lovely and beautiful core that is where my magic resides (Soul Vacation). It was a reminder that my power lies within me and not in the outside world. As exciting as the hype might be, the only hype and connection I must listen to is the one of my SPIRITUAL COMPASS. Only then is when I realize the difference between a healthy energy exchange and an unhealthy energy exchange. One is driven by love and divine time and the other one is manufactured and forced by ego.

It's counter-intuitive for us healers and empath to learn how to protect our magic because we wholeheartedly want to pour our love and light into others. It takes a conscious effort to turn it off and to quiet our ego.

I am learning how to be graceful in giving. How to be present without completely pouring out my magic. I am learning it is essential for me to protect my magic and to stay true to my purpose of being of service.

I have made it my responsibility to stay connected to my core and do keep on doing the work of learning through life. This work is not about the numbers of followers and the recognition that I get. It is about the impact I would hope I have on other souls. It's about becoming a spiritual catalyst for others. And the only way of doing this in my opinion is to stay connected to my magic!

Stay authentic, stay on your path and trust me spirit will not miss an opportunity! Everything that is meant for you has already been decided all we need to do is stay connected and in our magic to receive.

Remember that Love is pure, and magic is holy! Protect your MAGIC

P.S. I want to thank all you beautiful ladies that I shared sacred time during my soul vacation. For holding space for me. For sending light. I love you guys!

Much Love,

Cindy Canek- The Mommy Goddess

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